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Manitouwadge Golden Age Centre hosts evening of spaghetti and trivia

An evening of fun helps raise funds to build a fenced courtyard.

MANITOUWADGE -- “What animal breathes out of its butt?”1, asks Vicke Rusard, the Golden Age Centre’s president and host for the evening. The teams of players laugh heartily, then hunch over their tables to confer with their teammates to come up with an answer and scribble it onto their answer sheet before Vickie moves on to the next question.

Arriving at the Manitouwadge Golden Age Centre on Friday night, the patrons were greeted with the delightful aroma of simmering spaghetti sauce. Along side of the delicious pasta, a crisp green salad and rolls were served, followed by homemade cakes. Then the real fun began as the Trivia Contest got underway with the questions Rusard had pulled together from many sources.

“How many teeth are there in an adult’s mouth?”2 “How many squares are there on a chess board?”3 “Is an eggplant a fruit or a vegetable?”4 were just a few of the questions answered that evening, and in the end, one team, consisting of Marlene Hache, Christine Major and Andy Schott, won the competition by answering 49 out of the 66 questions. Second place went to Moh Murad, Shauna Rose and Linda Housser, who were only one point behind. Certificates and free admission to the next GAC Trivia Night were awarded to each of the winners.

Although the name of the game may be Trivia, the goal of the evening’s event was anything but to the members. The funds raised will be used to build a fenced courtyard at the back of the clubhouse. A very generous couple and their family donated a substantial number of patio stones to lay the foundation where a barbecue, as well as some outdoor seating and dining tables, will be located for everyone’s enjoyment. Other materials, such as wood, stain and hardware still need to be purchased. Work on the project should be commencing soon.

As with all events, thanks go out to the team of hardworking volunteers who cooked, cleaned and served the crowd of about 35 people. Everyone looks forward to the next ‘Dinner and Trivia’ night, taking place when the Centre gets active again in the fall. Youi can find more information about the GAC here.

Here are the answers to questions within this article:

1. Turtles

2. 28 (or 32 if you count wisdom teeth)

3. 64 squares

4. It’s a fruit! (Technically, fruits develop from a flowering bud and contain one or more seeds.)

Marya Kalen

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