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Marathon Community Collective optimistic about new fundraiser

Marathon's Community Collective is optimistic that their new fundraiser will help fill 130 Christmas Hampers this Holiday season.

MARATHON—According to David Giuliano, president of Marathon Community Collective, this is the first year that their Christmas Hamper Donate a Dollar initiative is running. With the increased cost of food this year, the Collective is facing a few more challenges, so it is hoped that with their new Donate a Dollar initiative, their goals will be met.

Marathon Community Collective, is hoping to reach their goal of filling 130 hampers this year. In past years, one hamper would cost approximately $75. But according to Giuliano, the cost should reach closer to $100. “We provide about 130 hampers for families, and given inflation and the cost of food we expect to provide more hampers at a higher cost than last year,” said Giuliano.

Thanks to local businesses, community partners, and volunteer organizations within Marathon, the Collective receives support year-round. “The Collective has corporate, municipal, First Nation's, individual and volunteer organization support year-round, for the food bank and the hamper program.  The CP Holiday Train also supports our work once per year,” says Giuliano. “The goal of this program is to take pressures off families and individuals experiencing financial difficulties this time of year.”

Donations can also be made at the Marathon Center Mall after next week.

Giuliano shared that they prefer cash which they use towards what he describes as a grocery card. Clients can then purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy. This method according to Giuliano requires less storage space for donated good items, and fewer volunteers.

“Our food bank operates on grocery card system so that clients can purchase fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy etc. It also requires less storage space and waste and fewer volunteers,” says Giuliano. “We distribute any donated food we receive. With Christmas hampers we provide food - fresh and non-perishable.”

He also stated that financial support can go by e-transferred to or mailed to PO Box 894 P0T 2E0.

This year’s food drive has added a new feature for the first time. Their Donate a Dollar initiative is one that retailers will ask customers to donate a dollar (or more) to support the food bank. This will then be added to their total purchase and funds collected will be sent to the food bank.

To date, local businesses such as Crossover Video, Canadian Tire and Styles for You salon, have agreed to participate in this fund raiser. Giuliano shared the overall cost for the Collective to run these programs throughout the year. “It cost us, all volunteers, about $90,000 per year to do what we do for the food bank, Christmas Hampers, community garden, fresh food boxes and the thrift store; which generates about $30,00 per year toward the food bank,” said Giuliano. “Donate a Dollar will contribute to that budget.” Funds raised go to the food bank and Christmas Hamper clients.

With no official deadline for this newly launched fundraiser, Giuliano hopes that some retailers might continue the Donate-a-Dollar program after the Christmas season. “We are hoping some retailers might operate outside the Christmas season when food banks tend to drop off the radar,” he said.

Financial support can go by e-transferred to or mailed to PO Box 894 P0T 2E0.




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