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Accessing fitness anytime

Geraldton Fitness Centre is meeting the needs of the Geraldton population.
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Among Northern Ontario’s gems is Greenstone. A community stretching across Highway 11 from Lake Nipigon to Longlac, covering over 2,720 kilometers; home of mining and fishing in Northwestern Ontario.

One of the businesses in this area is Geraldton Fitness Centre. Located in the basement of the Geraldton Post Office, the facility can be accessed 24/7 with just a membership and a key tag purchased from Daneff’s Food Market.

Nicholas Hannan purchased Geraldton Fitness Centre in June 2020, and is committed to giving Geraldton a fitness facility that is open to members anytime of the day, any day of the week. This exclusive fitness centre caters to the needs of the people who call Geraldton home. Hannan believes that everyone should be able to access fitness regardless of their work schedules and shouldn’t have to compromise on their health and fitness because of shift work. The 24/7 key tag access provides this flexibility and accessibility.

Hannan is dedicated to continuous improvement of Geraldton Fitness Centre, to build it into a fitness facility that can truly meet the needs of its members. In 2020, Hannan spent more than $8,500 on improving the facility and upgrading some of the neglected equipment. He plans to continue with improvements and is always seeking feedback from gym members.

Hannan hopes that the new ownership and continual improvement of the facility can bring in new members. “When we started, we had around 30 members. Now we have grown to just shy of 55 members. I think that we should increase our advertising, as not many are aware of a fitness facility here in Geraldton. We are working towards getting the word out; flyers, websites, newspapers, and FM radio are our next means of advertising. Right now, most of our members, almost 75 percent, are under 30. We would like to expand our demographics to invite more seniors, as they use muscle training and maintenance for their health,” he adds.

Although COVID has been tough on many businesses, especially in the fitness community, Nicholas Hannan hopes that the community will bounce back as he works to build this one-of-a-kind 24/7 access gym that meets the needs of the entire population of Geraldton.

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